10 Bizarre S-e-x-u-a-l Facts From Ancient Egypt

6. Necrophilia Gods

Remember the Horus and Seth? It is said that Osiris was their father and Horus was born when Isis had s-e-x with the dead body of Osiris and so we can say that Horus was born out of necrophilia.

7. Circumcision

In ancient Egypt, circumcision was practiced on a regular scale and it is said that in a day about 120 men got circumcised.

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8. Sacred Prostitution

Prostitution during the ancient time was seen as a divine act and only high social status people could get that pleasure. It was a very common practice and was a kind of trade for them.

9. Gender Fluidity

It is believed that Gods of the Egyptians were going through a cycle of rebirths and during this process female gods were taking birth as male gods and males as females. Females Gods were equal to men Gods in every way during that time and some depictions showing Goddesses with a beard have been seen.

10. Contraception

10 Bizarre S-e-x-u-a-l Facts From Ancient Egypt

During those time also contraceptive was meant to be very important for those who did s-e-x for pleasure. So they used the intestines of sheep to make condoms and prevent pregnancy, they also used acacia gum which reduced pregnancy a lot and sometimes women used to insert animal dung into their v-a-g-i-n-a to avoid getting pregnant.

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