10 Body Parts That Will Disappear Over Time

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Humans have always continued to evolve itself and also adapt to its surroundings, so we can really expect some changes in the human body. Today we’re going to discuss some parts of our body that will disappear in the future as we don’t need them anymore.

So let’s check out 10 body parts that will disappear over time

1. Body Hair

10 Body Parts That Will Disappear Over Time

Do you know that eyebrow keeps sweat away from our eyes and a man’s facial hair attracts opposite sex? Well except these two kinds of hair on the human body, rest all of them are useless and will nearly disappear in future.

2. Paranasal Sinuses

This body part doesn’t play any important role in our system except making the head lighter. So, it may also disappear in future.

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3. Extrinsic Ear Muscles

Many people don’t have extrinsic ear muscle and those who have it can move their ear of their head independently. This body part is of no use until or unless you’re hunting and you need to hear what is around.

4. Wisdom Teeth

Many people don’t get their wisdom teeth and are born without them. Usually, these teeth were used to crush down the food but nowadays we have forks and all for that, so we don’t need it anymore.

5. Neck Rib

People have an extra rib at the top of the rib cage, but nowadays very fewer people appear with it and soon it will disappear.


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