10 Body Parts That Will Disappear Over Time

6. Male Nipples

Male nipples are the most useless body part and it has a chance of disappearing from the human body.

7. Arrector Pili Muscles

These muscles cause goosebumps and are said to be of no such use. These muscles are thought to be connected to puffing up for something.

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8. Appendix

No one actually knows the story behind this body part and will disappear from human bodies over time.

9. Toes

People nowadays have a more centered style of walking and toes have become less important. Even research says that we don’t need toes to walk or run in the future as our center of gravity is in the middle of our body.

10. Third Eyelid

Humans have smaller eyelid as compared to other mammals in the corner of our eyes. It is said that the third eyelid may disappear in the future as it is not needed anymore.

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