10 Bollywood Actors Having Criminal Records, This List Is Shocking!

Bollywood actors having criminal records
There are many Bollywood actors having criminal records

Bollywood actors are followed by millions of people in India. There is huge fan following of these stars. But there are many Bollywood actors having criminal records.

Let’s have a look at 10 Bollywood Actors Having Criminal Records.

1. Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt has been a part of Indian film industry from decades. He has given some great movies for the industry, but he is one of the most controversial people of Bollywood. He was involved in the illegal possession of dangerous weapons with him. He was caught with 9mm pistol and AK-56 rifle in 1993. He was booked under TADA(Terrorist and disruptive Activities act) and was sentenced to 5-year jail by Supreme Court

2. Salman Khan

Salman khan is another bad boy of the film industry. He had many criminal cases linked with his name. From the killing of two black bucks to the hit and run case, Salman Khan visited the police station and courts many times. Recently he got a big relief from the court, but his experiences with criminal cases are not that good.

3. Shiney Ahuja

Shiney Ahuja was arrested in 2009, He was accused of raping his 20-year-old maid. He was also accused of molesting his maid a day before this incident. Shiney Ahuja initially denied every accusation, but after the strict actions by police, he confessed his brutal crime. This case put a full stop on his acting career.

4. Shahrukh Khan

The criminal case was registered against Shahrukh khan in 2012. This incident happened in Wankhede stadium after an IPL match. The case was registered for abusing the security guard and fighting with MCA officials. However, Shahrukh was given a clean chit by Mumbai Police later. Police said in their statement that no ‘cognisable offense’ was made out against 50-year-old actor.

5. John Abraham

John Abraham was once booked and imprisoned in a case of rash driving. This incident took place in 2006, where session court sentenced him for 15 days and he was taken into police custody, but later he was granted bail from Bombay high court.

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6. Fardeen Khan

Fardeen Khan was caught while attempting to buy cocaine in may 2001. He was booked under section 27 of NDPS Act. He got relief from the high court saying that he was not doing the business of cocaine, and was the first timer.

7. Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan was one of the co-accused in black bucks killing case near Jodhpur. He was working with Salman Khan in hum sath sath hein and was booked for killing protected animal.

8. Monica Bedi

Monica Bedi was involved with underworld don Abu Salem, who was most wanted criminal after his involvement in 1993 bomb blasts. Monica Bedi was arrested along with her boyfriend while entering in Portugal with forged documents. In 2005 Bedi was deported to India along with Abu Salem after serving the jail term. She is free now, but Abu Salem continues to be in jail for his previous cases.

9. Govinda

Govinda was charged for slapping a guy Santosh Rai. This guy Santosh Rai was visiting the sets of Govinda’s movie “Money hai to honey hai”. Govinda got angry on him and slapped him. Later Santosh Rai filed a case against Govinda under IPC 323.

10. Sooraj Pancholi

Sooraj Pancholi was sent to jail on 10 June 2013 in the case of Jiah Khan’s mysterious suicide. Jiah was his ex-girlfriend and was found dead. He was later released on bail but there is still a suspense on Jiah’s death and the case is still ongoing.

This was the list of 10 Bollywood actors having criminal records, please comment your views below.

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