10 Bollywood Franchises That Should Stop Making More Movies

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. Bollywood has many franchise films and remakes. Many successful films plan a sequel for it, but not all movies need another part of it. It just gets worse and our love for the particular movie ends. Take a look at franchises that should just stop making films.

So let’s check out the Bollywood franchises that should stop making more movies

1. Murder

One of the sizzling movies of Bollywood ‘Murder’, it’s first part lacked the real meaning of the movie and was just full of intimate scenes. Its second part was quite nice and watchable but the third part of this movie was a fail and we can’t bear this movie anymore now.

2. Masti

Masti was a successful and hilarious film in 2004 until it made the second part after 9 years, Grand Masti. People, however, managed to get through the second but when the third part ‘Great Grand Masti’ released it almost disappointed everyone and now we just don’t want any other part of this annoying movie.

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3. Krrish

‘ Koi mil Gaya’ was super hit movie which was followed up by its second part ‘ Krrish’, which was also a superhit movie. But things went wrong when ‘ Krrish 3’ released, though it earned a lot, but it did not win over the audience and was criticized. They are planning for another part of this movie and am quite sure that audience doesn’t want any other film of this franchise.

4. Housefull

‘Housefull’ was a multi starrer comedy film and performed well at the box-office but people got disappointed with ‘Housefull 2’ and ‘Housefull 3’, but it, however, earned sufficient money to get a hit verdict. This franchise is planning for ‘Housefull 4’ and we as an audience don’t want any further movie from this franchise.

5. Kya Kool Hain Hum

10 Bollywood Franchises That Should Stop Making More Movies

It’s first part ‘Kya Kool Hain Hum’ was still okay to watch but this movie just got vulgar by every sequel it’s making. This movie has just lost all its sense, we are just done with this franchise and we just can’t take any more of it.

6. Dhoom

It is a superhit franchise that collects enough to rule on the box-office but somewhere we are done with this franchise now and want to end it on a good note without making this movie more complicated with the same storyline. There is news that Salman Khan will play a lead in ‘Dhoom 4’ which isn’t acceptable to the audience, so ending this franchise would be a better option for all.

7. Golmaal

10 Bollywood Franchises That Should Stop Making More Movies

The first part of Golmaal series made us laugh a lot and went very well at the box-office. Its second part ‘ Golmaal Returns’ was also watchable but its third and fourth part couldn’t leave a good impact on the audience as its first part and we would like to tell Rohit Shetty to stop ruining this franchise anymore.

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8. Race

10 Bollywood Franchises That Should Stop Making More Movies

 ‘Race’ and ‘Race 2’ were a success at the box-office and were loved by the Indian audience but the third installment ‘ Race 3’ is a complete disaster and we miss the Abbas-Mustan directorials. This franchise perhaps should stop now.

9. Once Upon A Time In Mumbai

10 Bollywood Franchises That Should Stop Making More Movies

‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai’ managed to perform well because of Ajay Devgn’s acting but its sequel was unbearable and Imraan Khan’s acting skill isn’t hidden from us. This Balaji movie disappointed the audience with its sequel and we surely don’t want any other sequel of it.

10. Hate Story

10 Bollywood Franchises That Should Stop Making More Movies

‘Hate Story’ was a movie based on lust and revenge, but couldn’t grab the attention of audience due to lack of known faces in the movie. But the franchise continued to release more installments of it followed by ‘Hate Story 2′,’Hate Story 3’ and ‘Hate Story 4’, all these parts lacked the real plot of the movie and were more about lust and intimacy. Surely this franchise should end now without driving us crazy anymore.

So this was the list of Bollywood franchises that should stop making films. Let us know if we missed any other franchises.

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