10 Bollywood Movies Which Were Denied Release In India But Became A Hit Abroad

Hey readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. Movies are the best source of entertainment. The actors and team work day and night for a single story. The retake each shoot many times to get perfection. Some movies just make a bang box office collection whereas some flop. But some of them are unfortunate that they even fail to hit the big screen.

Yet luck serves some way. There are some movies who weren’t released in India but did well in other countries. No matter what the content was but these movies surely deserves a watch.

Below are those 10 movies you must watch at least once. They were not released in India but lauded abroad.

10. Water

This movie is a story of the widows of Banaras. These ladies face hell lot of troubles in their lives. Though the movie was not released in India, the foreigners appreciated the content.

9. Paanch

This film failed to get a screen space in India. The story was about the drug-addicted youth of the nation. The hard work paid off and it went to many film fests like Filmfest Hamburg, Asian’s cinefan festival and, the film festival of Los Angeles.

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8. Chhatrak

It gained huge respect in popular film festivals like the Toronto International film festival, Cannes film festival, and the Pacific Meridian Film festival. This is a Bengali Movie.

7. Unfreedom

The story revolves around an Islamic kidnaper. While another story in parallel about a police officer who kidnaps her daughter’s girlfriend. The movie gained good appraises in America and other nations too.

6. Gandhu

The movie was a Bengali story of a man with an exciting tool. Though it wasn’t released in India, people abroad appreciated the concept.

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