10 British Festivals That Are Weird And Wonderful

5. Abbots Bromley Horn Dance

This festival is all about some weird acts. Some people dress like animals they dance on the street lanes. This is the oldest surviving tradition. This marks the opening of hunting season.

4. Maldon Mud Race

The race takes place every year on the river Blackwater. The participants’ race on the muddy banks holding a good grip over their footwear.

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3. ‘Obby ‘Oss

This again is a dance festival. Two men dress up like horses and dance on the street lanes. They wrap themselves in a round black oilskin and carry horse masks. This is the arrival of good luck.

2. World Toe Wrestling Championship

This is celebrated at the brook in. The arm wrestling here is done via toes. The participants mingle their toes and try to pin down each other for 3 seconds.

1. Haxey Hood

This is a celebration on the 12th day of Christmas. It is more of a drinking festival. The crowd from four pubs try and push a Hood i.e. a leather tube. The cafe in front of which the hood stays; is the party spot. It stays there in the following year too.

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