10 Famous Characters Of Marvel With Their Real Life Partners

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. You must be a Marvel comics fan if you made it to this post, and why wouldn’t anyone be. Afterall it is one of the finest comics with characters that become people’s favourite. All the characters come with positive energy and we as a kid have been a fan of those superheroes. But growing up, we start to become curious and try to know more about their real life and their relationships.

10 Marvel Avengers characters with their real-life partners:

1. Chris Evans and Jenny Slate:

The real-life Captain America is married and his wife is Jenny Slate. Chris with his character of Captain America who saves the planet earth from the enemies made a way to hearts of millions of people through his movie series. He became more lovable by being in the team of Marvel Avengers. He with his rugged body is loved by all the girls out there but the one who owns his heart is Jenny Slate.

10 Famous Characters Of Marvel With Their Real Life Partners

2. Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky:

Chris Hemsworth aka Thor, the god of the realm Asgard is one of the most handsome hunks Hollywood has to offer is in relation with Elsa Pataky. With loads of fan following and a series of super hit movies, especially the Marvel’s Avengers, Thor series, he owns the heart of millions of fans out there. He is also one of the most loved characters of Marvel comics with his Mjolnir which is very powerful.10 Famous Characters Of Marvel With Their Real Life Partners

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3. Elizabeth Olsen and Robbie Arnett:

She is one of the latest addition to the Avengers family. Elizabeth Olsen plays the witch in the movie series Avengers with her magical powers which can stop any power to pass by. She is one of the most beautiful of the Avengers cast and is also in a relationship with a boy Robbie Arnett. And in real life, well you can have a look at how do they pair up.

4. Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost:

Scarlett Johnson, the heart of the Hollywood cinema with a collection of multiple hits in the bag, plays the character of black widow in the movie series Avengers. She had many guy-friends in the past but looks like she found the one to stick with, at least for some time. Have a look at how do they look together.

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