10 Famous Characters Who First Appeared In Ads

Hey folks! Welcome to Humor Nation. The history has had a good number of iconic characters. How many of us forgot mickey mouse or Tom and Jerry? The story that lives in the characters lives forever in our hearts.

These are some popular and famous characters that started off with ads. To noteworthy, they made a great impact and were taken up for series.

10. California Raisins

The most popular R&B were the major characters in a raisins ad. People presented the ad to convince the kids to munch on raisins. Later, the music and series of R&B made good fame.

10 Famous Characters Who First Appeared In Ads

9. Ernest

The story of Ernest begins from an ad of an amusement park. The character made a good name among kids. This continued with more gigs and different commercial projects.

8. Baby Bob

This is the most popular talking baby ads. It all started with Free internet.com. Sooner the character played in a series with CBS sitcom. But when the channel went off-air, it got back to ads.

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7. GEICO Cavemen

This was the era of infamously annoying GEICO Cavemen. The idea earned a great name and fame among the audience. Further, a sitcom brought it into a tv show and that is famous till date.

6. Crash Test Dummies

This was an ad circulated to create general awareness. The two dummies raised issues like wearing seat belts while driving. Furthermore, the character turned to many ads, series and video games.

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