10 Cheapest Countries In The World! Find Out Where India Stands!

We all a tired of the price rise, increasing expenses of our day-to-day items, utilities, and products here in India and we have always been trying our best to maintain a good standard of living despite of how costly and expensive everything is getting. When we look at different countries, the foreign nations, we are mesmerized by their standard of living, it excites us to the point that we wish to live there, and blame our country for not providing us the right opportunities. Many people think that India is weaker when compared to other countries. But do you think that India is also one of the most cheapest countries in the world.

10 Cheapest Countries In The World! Find Out Where India Stands!

So the next time you think India is really costly to live and you can’t bear the cost of a decent way of life here, you have to look at the most recent investigation study.

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According to the most recent review by Numbeo, India is ranked below among the various nations if we talk about the cost of living. Yes, you read it right! And Indeed, that is valid, it is a fact according to a recent study conducted by Numbeo. This particular study researched about the cost of living index, rent index, groceries index, restaurant index, and local purchasing power index. If we talk about the cost of living index then in the list India is ranked at 112th rank.


With that being said, do you guys wanna know the rank of Pakistan? Where does Pakistan stand in terms of cost of living index. All things considered, this might be a bit surprising, but the fact is that Pakistan is very less expensive, in fact it is the cheapest among all the countries. Pakistan is ranked at 115th spot.

So without any further ado, let us take a look at ten cheapest countries in the world according to the list.

The various factors and aspects that have been considered to ascertain the Cost Of Living of each nation are education, training, costs of consumer, and different costs related to lifestyle.

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And when we talk about expensive countries, nations like Switzerland, Denmark, Singapore remain among the most costly and expensive countries on the planet.

And now let us take a look at the ten most expensive countries in the world according to the list.

So guys, what are your thoughts about the ten most cheapest and expensive countries in the world? Feel free to share your views and opinions about the best and worst things of our nation which is ranked among the list of cheapest countries. Let us know if you have ideas for our next article, we will do it. Don’t forget to share this interesting article with your good pals. Like our Facebook page Humor Nation.

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