10 Cheapest International Trips From India That You Can Make Under A Budget Of Rs 60,000

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. There are many people out there who want to go on an international trip but aren’t able to because international trips are way too costly and out of their budget. But this isn’t completely true because of there some places in the world where you can travel on a low budget and spend less.

So here are some cheapest international trips from India that’ll make you go on a vacation soon!

1. Bhutan

A trip to Bhutan will not cost more than Rs 40,000 and if you don’t want to take a flight, you can take a bus journey which will cost Rs 2000 as flight journey costs Rs 6000. A good and safe place to stay in Bhutan starts at a nominal rate of Rs 500, the rest all costs are included in traveling, eating and shopping.

2. Singapore

Singapore is Asia’s commercial and business capital and the air tickets to Singapore from India will cost about Rs 26,000 and nominal rates of the hotel start from Rs 1000. In short, the whole trip will cost you about Rs 60,000, which is less as compared to other international trips to such places.

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3. Indonesia

Indonesia is a beautiful place with 18,110 islands in it and air tickets to Indonesia will cost you around Rs 35000 and hotels will cost about Rs 700 per night or so. At only Rs 52000, you can travel to such a beautiful place.

4. Vietnam

Many of you may not be interested in visiting this place but this place is very beautiful and is filled with warmth and exotic landscapes. A flight ticket to Vietnam will cost around Rs 30,000 to you and nominal rates of hotels are Rs 700 per night, so you can pack your bags and go there with a budget of Rs 48000.

5. Thailand

Thailand is the most visited place by people in India and you can also go there with a budget of Rs 43,000, out of which Rs 25,000 is the cost of air tickets.

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