10 Common Myths Around The World That Are Actually True!

People like to debunk myths and always want to know facts that are actually true. There are lots of TV shows that debunk myths.

People like to debunk myths and always want to know facts that are actually true. There are lots of TV shows and other programs that urge people to stop believing in myths. These people have created new confusions rather than debunking the actual myths.

Let’s Take A Look At 10 Common Myths You Won’t Believe Are Actually True.

1. 90% U.S Currency Contains Cocaine

Those scientists say that there’s not enough on money to cause health risks. Cocaine binds to the green dye on dollar bills. When a contaminated dollar bill is put into the machine filled with bills, it comes in the contact of all the other bills and that’s how 90% percent of US currency contains cocaine.

2. Water Boiling In Microwave Can Explode

Water that’s boiling in the microwave can be very dangerous. While the chances of the explosion are quite low, you should not take a risk and always boil water in the kettle.

3. A Student Mistakenly Solved Impossible Math Problem

In 1939, A student named George Bernard came late for his lecture and found that the class was over. He found two math problems written on the board. He mistakenly thought that this might be homework by the teacher. He wrote those problems and didn’t know at the time that the problems were statistical theorems that hadn’t been proven yet. He went home and worked out the proofs for the theorems. This was amazing.

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4. Celery Is A Negative Calorie Food

Placing a man in a metabolic calorie chamber, researchers tested whether or not celery is indeed a negative calorie food. He was fed 326 grams of raw celery worth 53 calories. During that time he burned 72 calories. It means that you burn more calories than you consume with celery, making it a negative calorie food.

5. Someone Safely Landed A Plane In The Middle Of Manhatten Twice

Before Captain Sullenberger landed on the Hudson River, a man named Thomas Fitzpatrick landed in Manhattan twice. After making a bet, he stole a plane and landed it on Saint Nicholas Avenue right in front of the bar where he made the bet. Two years later he did it again, both in narrow areas in the dark.

6. Avoid Going To Hospitals In July

While sometimes you have no choice but to go to the hospital for one ailment or the other. Try to avoid going to hospitals in July. You might know that July is one of the time when medical students that are interns become residents. They become fellows or practicing doctors. These changes and the inexperienced surrounding has led to many unfortunate patient errors in the past.

7. Crickets Can Predict Temperature

While this might sound like some kind of old wives tale, it’s actually scientifically correct. Crickets are cold-blooded and take on the temperature of their surroundings. When the temperature rises, the chemical reactions that allow them to chirp come on more rapidly. By using a formula, you can count the chirping and determine what is the temperature outside.

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8. A Physician Weighted Human Soul Using A Scale

A 20th-century physician named Dr. Duncan Macdougall attempted to measure the mass lost after human died. He believed that the soul leaving the body had mass. He measured six patients at the moment of death with varying results. Though, he believes his first was the most accurate. Of course, his research has been heavily discounted.

9. Chinese People consume Dogs

While most of the Western world raises chicken and sheep for food, China and some other eastern countries do something totally different. They raise dogs for food and at the Yulin dogs festival, approximately 10000 dogs and cats are killed and eaten at the feast.

Coca-Cola Used To Contain Cocaine

While it’s hard to determine the exact amount of cocaine, there was certainly some amount in it. The amount of cocaine is so small that it was barely noticeable.

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