10 Countries That Are Impossible To Invade

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Many wars took place over the past years and it is not at all an exciting thing or a thing of glory for any country. War is just hell in simple words and there are certain countries who are always ready to face any kind of uncertain activities. But nowadays wars have become rare and they do not happen in that way as it happened in earlier days, but still, we have a list of countries that are always prepared to face any kind of war, you cannot invade them, so let’s start.

So here is the list of those 10 countries that are impossible to invade!

10. Australia

10 Countries That Are Impossible To Invade

Australia is a pretty strong country and it armies can easily hide here. Though it has a population of around 23 million, still it is very huge and powerful with 60,000 active personnel, 59 tanks, 75 artillery, 78 air fighters, 188 helicopters and a naval strength of 47 and it also has 6 submarines and 2 aircraft carriers.

9. Switzerland

Switzerland is very famous for its neutrality and also has a strong defensive plan that is known as the Swiss National Redoubt. They have 100,000 active personnel, a reserve of 77,000, 224 tanks, 224 artillery, 43 helicopters, and 63 air fighters.

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8. Tuvalu, Iceland, New Zealand, and Bhutan

These countries are hard to invade not because they are very powerful or they have very strong armed forces but they are so isolated and have lacked resources and potential that no country wants to invade it.

7. Japan

Though Japan is an island nation it has always proved its worth in front of all the countries. This country is very difficult to invade and has an active personnel of 250,000, a reserve of 42,000, 839 artillery, 777 tanks, 741 helicopters, 289 air fighters, a naval strength of 131, 17 submarines and about 3 carriers.

6. Iran

Recently the middle east has become an area of conflict because of the bast amount of oil beds under their region, that is why they are prepared well to fight back their enemy. They have 545,000 active personnel, 1,800,000 if reserve, 1,658 tanks, 137 air fighters, 2,400 artillery, 140 helicopters, 33 submarines and a naval strength of 398.

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