10 Countries That Are Impossible To Invade

5. Canada

After Russia, Canada has the largest surface area but it is also very powerful and very difficult to invade. They have 95,000 active personnel, 181 tanks, 161 artillery, 51,000 of the reserve, 175 helicopters, 64 air fighters, 4 submarines and a naval strength of 63.

4. North Korea

North Korea is ahead in technological advancements and they have also developed their own nuclear weapons and invasion is quite difficult here. They have 700,000 active personnel, a reserve of 4,500,000, 4,200 tanks, 6,550 artillery, 458 air fighters, a naval strength of 967, 222 helicopters, 70 submarines, and 8 nuclear warheads.

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3. United Kingdom

United Kingdom is a country which is very hard to invade and attacking U.K is just not an easy task. They have active personnel of 150,000, a reserve of 182,000, 407 tanks, 91 air fighters, 227 artillery, 397 helicopters, a naval strength of 76, 10 submarines, 1 aircraft carrier, and 15 nuclear warheads.

2. Russia

Conquering Russia is the last thing that any country will even think of and it has always proved itself as a worthy country. It has 766,000 active personnel, 2,485,000 of reserve, 15,400 tanks, 10,600 artillery, 1,750 helicopters, 751 air fighters, 352 naval strength, 60 submarines, 1 aircraft carrier and 7,300 nuclear warheads.

1. USA

I don’t even think that any country can invade the USA, it’s just an impossible task to do. They have 1,400,000 active personnel, 1,100,000 of reserve, 8,850 tanks, 3,300 artillery, 2,300 air fighters, 7,100 helicopters, 415 naval strength, 75 submarines, 19 aircraft carriers and 7,100 nuclear warheads.

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