10 Countries Where Men Are Big Because Size Matters!

We humans may have reached into the space, landed on the moon, and even conquered the other planets such as mars, but we are still fighting to solve one of the most grave questions in the history of man kind. The question of the size of a man’s manhood! Which country wins at the game of the wangs? Well, according to the researchers and white women who apparently have found the answer to this trickiest question and the answer lies in Africa and South America. So should we look into it? Without getting hard, we should move further and address this important discussion of manhood. Let’s take a look at the list of the top 10 countries with the biggest Johnsons. No matter what people say, if you a woman, she’ll tell you the truth that size matters.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Countries Where Men Are Big Because Size Matters!


10 Countries Where Men Are Big Because Size Matters!

Alongside the Red oceans, volcanic lakes, exquisite resorts and quieting waterfalls, Sudan stands Stiff at number 10 with a normal Johnson size of 6.4 Inches. So you all girls, women make a beeline for Sudan, and snatch a Suman!


Next we move on to this country. Actually no, this is not Africa or South America. This time the most seasoned nation in Europe, Hungary additionally holds the record of the biggest ding-dongs found in all the entire continent of Europe with a blood coagulating avg size of 6.5 Inches. Hungry for some strudel, go to Hungary!


Do you know that just recently a big discovery has been made in Bolivia. The discovery of the largest dinosaur footprints in the country Bolivia. Is this identified with the Massive 6.51 Inches of Bolivian man weapon? The truth will surface eventually. Geeze poor Bolivian Prisoners!

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You may have never caught wind of this Central African nation however believe me, from now onwards, You will always remember Cameroon, since they have gigantic ding-dongs with a normal manhood size of 6.57 Inches.


As indicated by Christianity, Jesus Christ made his first marvel in Lebanon. In any case, relatively few realize that his second supernatural occurrence, which was favoring the Lebanese men with 6.6 creeps of ding-dong.



Do you know that Venezuela has the world’s largest proven oil reserves? If that’s surprising to you then here’s another shocking thing about Venezuela. It also has one of the largest ding-dongs in the world with an average size of 6.70 inches.


This country is the Home of Pop Sensation global star Shakira. Columbian tools more likely than not caused a considerable measure of Pain with an average size of 6.71 inches. All things considered, ‘Hips don’t lie’, if you catch my drift.

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We all know that Ghana is one of the biggest supplier of cocoa beans and gold, but what you don’t know is that Ghana is also the biggest exporter of their humongous dark beasts with an average size of 6.8 inches. “Espresso, Gold and toys, Surely a paradise for chicks.”


Charles Darwin’s’ hypothesis of evolution and development is to a great extent in light of Charles Darwins Theory of Penetration. His examination and disclosures, while considering in Ecuador, revealed a normal manhood size of 7 crawls of unadulterated hard flesh. So all you strudel hungry diggers, hit the Ecuador.


Numerous huge Gorillas and the considerable chimps are found in Congo, it otherwise called the origination of the very dangerous and large anaconda snakes, and we aint talkin snakes. With a brain boggling tremendous ding dong size of 7.1 inches, it is the World Record holder.

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