10 Countries Where Most Beautiful Soldiers are Found!

Hello folks. Welcome back to Humor Nation! Women are appreciated in almost every part of the world. Not only, they expertise being the backbone of a loving home, they now are also the part of country defenses. Women are taking part in military as equal as men. They are even appreciated. Being tough and strong, but these soldiers, they are also beautiful and sexy. This is what we have bought today.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Countries Where Most Beautiful Soldiers are Found!

1. The United States

The United States spends a lot on their military forces. Since, the American war, more and more women have joined the forces to serve the nation. US force today have over 200,000 women serving in the defenses. This force, have the most beautiful soldiers and the number is ever since increasing. They are even allowed in combat.

10 Countries Where Most Beautiful Soldiers are Found!

2. Czech Republic

Around 1980’s Czechoslovakia allowed women, to join the forces. However then, they only served as volunteering purpose. The number of women taking part in nation’s armed forces have increased ever since. Although, they are held back from any potential combat.

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3. Britain

Up till world war II, women were held back from any kind of services in Britain. But today the era is changing there in Britain too. More and more women are allowed to be a part of armed forces. Today, Britain military forces have around 12000 women combatants. Also, Britain have allowed the women, to take part in front line combats too.

4. Serbia

This European nation followed the tradition of men serving country and women taking care of homes. But, the tradition and mind of people are changing and women have been allowed in Serbia too, to take part in nation’s defense forces. Even, this year they decided to put some women in command.

5. Spain

Spain is known as a land of most sexy women in the world. This nation evolved by giving this sexy look to its defense forces. As the data recorded in 2008, there were 16000 women, who were serving the military, as combatants.


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