10 Creepiest Mass Suicides That Will Freeze Your Mind

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. There have been many cases in the history or in the past where the majority of the people thought to choose death over living a life full of torture. Such incidents will freeze your mind for a second if you think carefully, so today we’ll be discussing some mass suicides that happened over the years till now.

So here is a list of 10 creepiest mass suicides that happened till now!

1. Town of Demmin

10 Creepiest Mass Suicides Till Now

This mass suicide took place during the end of World War II when women and children took away their lives as they were getting tortured, raped and murdered continuously by non-other than the Soviet Red Army.

2. People’s temple

In 1978 over 900 members of people’s temple took away their lives by drinking a poisonous drink and out of the 300 were children. They did so to escape fascism and had to end up committing suicide.

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3. Badung

When the Dutch Army attacked a town in Bali in 1906, the officials in Bali understood that they won’t win and end up getting caught. So they took away their own life by stabbing each other and their own family members and drenched the town in blood.

4. Teutonic Women

In 102 BC in France, the king of Teutones was captured and forced to make a deal to hand over the women in his region as sex slaves to Romans. When he offered 300 women for sex, the women strangled each other to death and also slaughtered their children and this deal was then never completed.

5. Solar Temple

In 1994 the members of a cult committed mass suicide to escape the atrocities and oppression of the modern world, they also left numerous suicide notes for their family. They committed mass suicide by putting their building on fire after the execution of an anti-christ baby.

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