10 Creepy Images Shot by Drones!

Hello folks! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Technology is spreading its wings in all the areas. Proof of the advanced technology are drones. They are taking over all conventional methods of, capturing, explorations, discoveries and etc. As Google maps had provided us with the map of whole world. Here, are some pictures that drones captures and are puzzling.

So, Let us dig a little deeper and know those 10 pictures took by drones:

1. Shaky Shark!!

Miami beaches are always crowded. These beach goers does not know whom with they are swimming. A videography drone captured swimmers frolicking near a 9 feet tall shark fish. It was their good luck that the shark wasn’t hungry.

2. The city of disaster.

Pripet a city in Ukraine, was likely destroyed when the Chernobyl power plant exploded. Every human being was asked to leave the city immediately. City remained the same as it was when there were 50,000 residents. The hotels, the palaces and other things only had some general destructions like rusting. Only few people are allowed so we get to know this. There are hoax about ghosts living and preserving the city.

3. Sunbathing at 200 feet.

This photo shocked everybody. A man was found sitting over a 200 feet long wind turbine, enjoying the glory of sun. The video showed he waved and shrugged. But, the unrealistic thing is how did he reached there? and why?

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4. After dark Snakes!

There is so many snakes in Florida. They were decided as to be sent to Satan. This image shows that how long snakes are hiding in the grasses and how closed they are. These snakes are so long that they can nearly gulp a man, down their throat.

5. Cryptozoology!

Hysteria has been going on for a few years, now crapped by a rash ride of creepy sightings from the fall of 2016. The sightings were not only by land, but also by air. A clown was found running at a wild speed into forests.


6. The Loop.

Drone technology helped England to survey the loops of the fields. These loops are creative and creepy designed which are under close survey by the government. The drone have beautifully captured the images and videos.

7. Burning Slow.

In 2016, this drone footage a vehicle making his way silently down the road. It was not known what was happening. Later, it revealed that the vehicle was Taliban operated and when it reached its destination. It exploded. The destination was completely destroyed. It was an Afghan Police station.

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8. Biblical River.

In 2012, a drone operator discovered something, that was only imagined to exist in fiction. While filming the nearby river in Dallas, Texas. He spotted a blood-red tributary flowing into the river unsure or unwilling to believe. The operator called the coast guard, who investigated the phenomenon and confirmed his suspicions. The creek which run behind a meatpacking plant was being used to illegally dump the pig remains.

9. Auschwitz From Above!

The holocaust does not need introduction today. It is been known by everyone. The Nazi’s or particularly Hitler’s deadly mind incepted and executed death of 6 million Jewish people. This is what a drone operator did in 2015, when he filmed the Auschwitz. As the drone hover over the gates and the train tracks, and through the barracks and gas chambers, it is hard not to feel the presence of a million lives heartlessly taken away. It is an unpleasant experience.

10. Black Eyed Tease.

Legends have this paranormal figure, called the black-eyed child, who haunts the Kanak chase area in England. Multiple photos claimed to show the clipton, but it is this 2015, drone shot the really kicked the mythos into gear. Flying over the truck top at a sunny day, it captures a cloaked figure at the edge of the tree line it appears to cover up when it sees, leaving viewers awestruck that there is a female phantom who has been hiding in the forest for some time.

10 Creepy Images Shot by Drones! Humor Nation

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