10 Cursed YouTube Videos That You Must Never Watch!

Welcome to Humor Nation. YouTube is a known social site displaying various videos accordingly to the searcher’s request. Many take it just as a source of entertainment and to a few, it’s the major source of income. But rarely people know that the site holds some creepiest cursed video that would surely lead a path to an uncertain death!

Not much aware? Well, let’s take a look at 10 most haunted cursed videos anyone would hardly dare to peep in!

10. Dead Spirits Video

Starring on number 10 is not much haunted yet a cursed clip about dead spirits. The video shows some dead spirits roaming around and a harsh creepy noise playing in the background. The peeps who watched the video reported unusual experiences and late-night sleeplessness.

9. Nightmare Inducing Videos

Sources claim if the video is watched at midnight the person would have freaky nightmares and horrified rather suicidal thoughts. Beware! before you type any such heads in your YouTube search bar.

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8. Obey The Walrus

The name itself sounds like a chanting curse of a devil. The viewers of the video claim to witness unusual presence at night and also facing issues like anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.

7. The Kleenex Curse

The video is compiled of a girl sitting next to a child and some noisy sound clips that are supposedly enough to scare you like hell. Its viewers either died due to headaches or faced unusual diseases.

6. The Curse Of Sarah Black

The clip is assumed to be cursed by a young kid, Sarah Black who died early and her soul cursed the video. The clip shows some creepy images and scary noise resulting from heart attacks or leading to unusual death.


5. Suicide Mouse

A nineties kid would probably revolt reading such stuff about his favorite mickey mouse, but there is no denial to the truth. The clip shows Mickey walking late on the street lanes and some women yelling in pain are heard. Mickey smiles and enjoys the scene. The video claims to arise suicidal thoughts amongst its viewers.

4. Username 666

Not just a video, username 666 is a cursed channel. At the invention stage, the computer got hacked and everything changed to 666. All the videos the titles etc were uploaded automatically and there was no help to stop the computer. STRANGE!

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3. Satan’s Sphinx

The third horror most video is an innovation from the sides of US government. Though the clip was supposed to aid a research, everything messed up and it turned out to be something supernaturally unusual. There were many remakes to this and now its hard to find the original one.

2. The Grifter

Granting a view to this video is like inviting an Annabelle movie experience for real. Searches say that the people who saw this video were found dead with an ugly scary doll lying beside. Not only this, there were letters left, and the readers faced anxiety and depression issues.

1. wpkepkw

Tough to be read, this is the title to the scariest creepiest video you could ever see. And if you collect enough guts trying to peep in the clip, mind you, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to many unusual happenings. Also, some see the results, some don’t.

10 Cursed YouTube Videos That You Must Never Watch!

Go ahead if you have guts to challenge the curse, or I would suggest avoiding! Do write in comments about your belief to the issue. Don’t forget to share it with your friends too.

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