10 Dangerous Things That Were Normal In The Past

Hey Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. There is a long list of things in the constitution that are termed dangerous. These things are also banned in some places and others don’t try to do them.

But to our shock, these terms were considered normal in the past. People at that time were allowed to attempt these dangerous things at their own risks.

Scroll down to see what these dangerous things were and what were its dangerous effects.

10. Cocaine Treatment

A few years ago, cocaine wasn’t a drug. It was a medicine to cure a toothache and was sold normally to everyone. Cocaine was also included in coca cola.

10 Dangerous Things That Were Normal In The Past

9. Sending Kids Through Mail

Can you imagine this right now? When we would be surrounded by security quotients today, this was a common practice in the past. People used to send kids via mail. This cost them 15cents.

10 Dangerous Things That Were Normal In The Past

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8. Outdoor baby cages

Baby cages were a dangerous creation. Ironically, this was considered safe for the baby. Mothers left them in the cage and finished their works meanwhile.

7. The  Garden Hermit

Earlier people used to keep hermit at their place. These hermits weren’t allowed to cut their nails and hair. People used to shoe off with them. They lived in a handmade place.

6. Doubtful Treatment Methods

In the past doctors had no clue about diseases and treatments. They had dangerous treatment methods. They used leeches to suck out all the blood from an infected area.

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