10 Dark Secrets That Famous Brands Don’t Want You To Know.

Hello Readers! Welcome To Humor Nation. How many of us are brands loyal? We may get similar quality by certain other brands at cheaper rates, but still, we prefer the one that we love. We believe we know everything about our favorite brands but that isn’t the truth.

These are the secrets that brands keep to themselves. We have got them here for you! Scroll down and sneak into their darker corners.

10. Dupont

Dupont Acquired PFOA a chemical compound to increase sales. This did solve the purpose but increased pollution and cancer chances. Now there are numerous pending cases on the company and it also had a fine to $16million.

10 Dark Secrets That Famous Brands Don't Want You To Know.

9. IBM

It had a collab with Hitler’s Third Reich. They invented a punch the card machine. The machine caught the jews and traced their locations. Further, they were killed and punished.

8. Kids wish network 

The company raises fat fund for a good cause. Out of the $141million earned, they hardly invest 2% on kids dreams and scholarships. Rest all is the income made to them.

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7. Bayer

This German pharmaceutical company created drugs like heroin and those for birth control. The company is not only treating the diseases but also causing them. Why not? Its a good gain to them.

6. ExxonMobil

The company was involved in killings and murders. It paid the German soldiers and fund the government for the purpose.

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