10 Deadliest Plants In The World That Can Kill You!


6. White Snakeroot

This poisonous plant is mostly found in North America, it contains tremetone which is a toxic chemical. This chemical reaches the cattle and mixes with its milk and is spread to humans via milk or cattle meat. It causes coma, vomiting, and death amongst humans.

7. Rosary Pea

The seeds of Rosary Pea are used as beads in India and Indonesia and grows in tropical regions. It contains toxic chemical named abrin and can cause death after 72 hours of consumption.

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8. Oleander

Oleander is also called Nerium and is found in Southeast Asia. All the parts of this plant are toxic and its main toxic elements are digitoxigenin, neriin, oleandrin, olendroside and are mostly contained in the leaves and stems of the plant.

9. Castor Bean Plant

Castor Bean Plant contains ricin which is very poisonous substance and is mostly present in its seeds. It causes a burning sensation in the mouth, drops in blood pressure and diarrhea and even death within 24 hours of consumption.

10. Atropa Belladonna

This plant is found in the Eastern hemisphere and is also called deadly nightshade, it can break the functions of the nervous system in our body as it contains tropane alkaloid toxin in it. It can cause hallucinations, urine infection, asthma and even death.

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