10 Deckerstar Moments That Deserve A Re-watch From Lucifer Season 4

Welcome to Humor Nation. Lucifer doesn’t care what others think of him, but it matters to him as to how Chloe Decker sees him. He wants the detective to accept him and that’s exactly what happened by the end of season 4. It was a long bumpy road to finally reach there and when they finally reached there, Deckerstar’s troubles increased because Hell needs a king and only Lucifer can do the job. Season 4 had many Deckerstar moments which made the fans smile, but there were some moments which were full of hurt – when Lucifer got with his ex or when Chloe was plotting against Lucifer. Today we have brought to you some amazing Deckerstar moments that you should watch again.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Deckerstar Moments That Deserve A Re-watch From Lucifer Season 4

1. After seeing Lucifer’s devil face, Chloe takes a month’s vacation, but soon the duo is back to solving the crime cases. Lucifer stops a killer from getting away using his devilish abilities, but he fears that Chloe saw his monstrous side. Chloe takes her hand and tells him that she saw her partner.

Deckerstar moments

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2. Before the truth comes out that Chloe is working with Father Kinley and wants to send Lucifer back to hell. They both are on the verge to become romantically involved. Lucifer invites her on a date to which Chloe says yes. He makes her grilled cheese just the way she likes it.

Deckerstar moments

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