10 Differences Between North Korea and South Korea!

Hey people out there! Welcome back to Humor Nation. There are many countries in world. Every country possess its own culture and rituals. However, North Korea and South Korea are neighboring countries. They have a vast difference in their cultures and rituals. Some of the difference are even not known to them. North Korea is under a diplomat ruler. Kim Jong Un has set up his own kingdom. He rule the nation. While, in south people have democracy.

Let us probe 10 differences in North and South Korea:

1. Women and Military

every women in North Korea is asked to join military and serve the country, whilst in south Korea only men are required to serve but women are given choice to choose if they want to join military or not. In North Korea, this law was implemented in 2015.  The amount of women joining military in South has increased, thanks to the growing tension in North. However, the women in North do not have any idea, that women in south have choice of their own. Even, some women in North have become vulnerable for getting assaulted.

2. Height

It is  not a joke that the north Koreans are smaller than the south Koreans in height by a difference of approx 1.2-3.1 inches. This difference is visible clearly in children. Some of the people may think this is due to genetics, but this is caused by food. North Koreans live an impecunious life throughout. They are malnutritioned and as a result, they are weak. The health and the height both faces the consequences of this hardship.

3. Makeup

When south Korea is becoming the leading country in cosmetics production, North Korean women even strives for basic cosmetic products. North Korean women even don’t know, how many varieties of makeup accessories exist in world. The have to trade basic creams and lotions from local firm. Also, which would cause $10 to $15 to a South Korean girl, North Korean people have to buy it in hundreds of dollars.

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4. Poverty

North Korea brags about being the best Korea, but in reality 90% people in North Korea are below poverty line. Whereas, in South Korea only 15 % of people live under poverty line. North Korea also highlights the free medical checkup, but there are hardly any person there who can afford highly expensive medicines needed for the treatment. The ruler have made them believe that they are living in best conditions, and people do not have even a slightest idea of what is going around the globe?

5. Devotion

In North Korean, citizens are forced to treat the president Kim Jong Un as god. His heroic tales are being fed to each and every one. They are asked to devote themselves to him. Whenever, anyone disrespects him, he find himself arrested. Being in such a deserted place, anyone could not believe that some good place exist, but thankfully it exists. In South Korea, people have freedom of speech as well as freedom of press as per state’s constitution. North Korea is suffering like they are in hell.


6. Famine 

From 1994-1998, North Korea dealt with a devastating Famine that came from a variety of sources. From the loss of support from the soviet union,flooding,droughts and the rigidness of the North Korean officials who only had their own survival in mind. Out of 22 million people, 3.5 million people lost their lives due to starvation and illness. The people were told by the government that the issue is also been spread to other countries including South Korea. But this was a lie, they were made believe too. South Korea was dealing efficiently from these issues. They were continuously progressing. North Koreans didn’t ever knew about it.

7. Entertainment

North Korean TV and Radio only telecast the propaganda. People in North Korea don’t know what conventional entertainment looks like. Whereas, in South Korea, there are TV shows, series, movies, actors and costumes. North Korean people even don’t know about trending music. Even the music in North Korea is distorted. When people hear South Korean music, they feel it completely different. This even contradict about what they were told.

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8. Holidays

North Koreans do not celebrate as many holidays as South Korea. They have some countable holidays like liberation day on 15 august and Kim Jong Un’s birthday as a national holiday. However, South Koreans celebrates a bounty of holidays. From Thanksgiving to children day. They spread happiness and be happy, which is needless to say isn’t available in north Korea.

9. Fashion

North Koreans are far beyond than south Koreans in terms of fashion and trends. What gets depleted in South Korea comes in trend in North Korea, due to smuggled pop cultures years later. IN north Korea they are forced to wear brooches, on which there is the picture of Kim Jong Un. The Hallyu is the national trend of south which got swayed away many years before. But, Women in North are still using that trend, thinking that it still prevails.

10. Evilness

North Koreans are told the their southern part is evil. Instead, south Korea is always sending some form of aids to the north Korean people. They send aid in form of food, medicine and other stuffs. But, North Koreans are fed that they are evil, and they are never let to know about true intentions of the neighbour. And Southern people are trying to help them.

10 Differences Between North Korea and South Korea!

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