10 Disgusting Facts About McDonald’s! Must Read

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Humor Nation! We are back with an article that will ruin your heart. Actually, we researched about everybody’s favorite burger makers – McDonald’s. This company is famous all over world for its unmatched awesome burgers. Did you know, there were several cases against this country? So many people sued this company for various reasons and this company paid compensation for this.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Disgusting Facts About McDonald’s! Must Read!

1. Foreign Objects

MacDonald always launch new products, but these products are never on menu. In 2000, a woman reported that in her mcnuggets, she discovered a whole chicken head which was fried. And that’s not all, in 2006, a Texas man’s salad was prepared with a dead rat, for this incident the man sued the company for $1.7 million. After 2 years, that is in 2008 in Massachusetts, a 14 year girl found a vaccination needle in her cheeseburger, after a thorough investigation, it was revealed the the needle in the burger came from the slaughterhouse. Even there are more complimentary items which are: a band aid, condom, slimy parasites and pieces of glass.

2. Erectile Dysfunction

In taking McDonald’s products more than twice a week, will increase your chances of developing type II diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity by a dangerous level of 70%. What is more disgusting is- it can also give birth to erectile dysfunction in body. A man weighing 270 pound and named as Caesar Barber, sued this company after developing diabetes and then suffering from a fatal heart  attack by eating there 5 times a week. He claimed that he don’t know what he was eating. The processed fat at McDonald’s can even cause a cardiovascular disease called endothelium dysfunction, which influences and affects the conduct of inner lining of blood vessels.

3. Addiction

Scientists confirmed that McDonald’s is as addictive as cocaine itself. If the products are taken in high value, they lead to addiction. The high sugar content stimulates the creation of dopamine, which unlocks the brain’s rewards pathways in the same way as hard drugs do. Some rehabilitation cases are also reported due to excessive McDonald’s. Don Gorske ate at least 9 burgers a day. In 2011, he ate his 25,000th burger, and yes it was on the cost of his health.

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4. Pink Slime

Until 2011, McDonald’s used pink slime in its beef patties. Essentially this is scrap pieces of meat from the carcass of cows. Unlike proper cuts of beef, this waste meat is teeming with salmonella and E coli, so it has to be treated with carcinogenic gas called ammonia, before it’s safe to eat.

5. Suspicious Ingredients

The average McD’s chicken nugget is only 50% meat. Researchers from Mississippi discovered that other half consists of blood vessels, nerves, fat and bone-the same offcuts used in a dogs food. The cell walls of plants are used as cheap substitute for floor. Because, human lack the enzyme to digest cellulose, much of it has ‘laxative effect’ on the consumer. So better be safe from their cheese, eggs, smoothies, sauces and ice cream. McDonald’s products also contains a chemical called dimethylpolysiloxane that is the same compound used to make breast implants and contact lenses.


6. Inhumane

In 2015, undercover time animal right activists released a harrowing video that showed a McDonald’s farm stabbing, beating, and crushing chickens. According to the guardian McDonald’s chickens and bred on steroids, crippling under their own weight as they grow as fast as possible in cramped,windowless sheds. Cows are also shot and kicked and electrocuted to force them towards the slaughterhouse.

7. Targets children

With its twofold cheddar burger, fries and chocolate drain, McDonald’s Mighty Kid’s meal contains the greater part of calories than a youngster’s day by day calorie consumption, at 790 calories and 30g of fat. The organization burns through 40% of its promoting spending plan on kids, so kids grow up observing the fast food organization as a father figure. In 2014, 17-year-old Stacey Irvine fell sick and was hospitalized with weakness and inflammation in the veins, in the wake of declining to eat only chicken strips since age of two.

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8. Natural Flavors

Vegetarians better watch out for natural flavors label. One secret ingredient called Carminic acid is made from the bodies of insects. The female dactylopius cochineal bug is harvested and ground into a red paste for colorings in meat, milkshakes and sausages. In 2001, they have been sued for $100 million because they cooked fries in beef fat, while they promised their consumers that they only use vegetable oil. It resulted in aggression among Indian people who are hindu. They caused a damage of worth $47,000 million.

9. Mclibel

McDonald’s tried to sue two activists, who tried to criticize the company via posters. Between 1986-97, the multi million company took on Helen Steel and David Morris, who claimed against the McDonald’s that its operations destroys rain forests, brutally tortures animals and uses artificial chemicals in manufacturing food and other crimes. Results were against the company.

10 Disgusting Facts About McDonald's Must Read

10. Scandals

In 2014, a McDonald’s factory in Shanghai was forced to shut down after an undercover video came into public. It showed that workers of the factory were supplying expired meat across the country. The video also showed something very controversial, the workers picking up meat from the factory floor and mixing up raw, discarded meat with cooked produce, then re-packing the products with fake expiration dates. Again they lost 2 more cases because of this. Now guys its up to you to take action and decide what is good for you and what is not.

10 Disgusting Facts About McDonald's! Must Read

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