10 Donald Trump ‘President’ Memes That Will Make You Go ROFL

It has been just two weeks since his inauguration, but Donald Trump has managed to shock the world by his controversial decisions. He put the entire country into total chaos by introducing a temporary ban on immigration from seven primarily Muslim countries. Donald Trump, with the intention of protecting the national security of US, signed an executive order which suspended the country’s refugee entry programme for 120 days. This executive order also bans the entry of citizens from Yemen, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Iraq, Iran and Sudan for 90 days.

Donald Trump

The entire world is criticizing Trump’s radical moves. Although it is clear that his new executive order and policies are driven by Islamophobia. But it should not to be a surprise for someone who has carefully observed Trump’s campaign and his rise to power. Donald Trump mainly appealed to white majority, with the promise of making America great again, returning the glory of the most powerful nation. In his campaign, he promised that he would impose radical measures on Muslims seeking to enter the United States, if he were elected as the President.

While there’s nothing funny about Trump’s radical extremist measures (or the fact that he’s the president!), the internet has always managed to extract some comic relief in these dark times. Whether it’s his Inauguration ceremony, awkward dance with Melania Trump, or trolling Trump’s habit of picking up his signed executive actions and displaying them in front of the cameras.

Well whether you hate Donald Trump for his radical politics or you love him for taking a stand for all the Americans. One thing you can’t deny is his media’s appeal, people ridiculed him when he announced that he would run for the President. The internet made jokes on his President run, now when he became the President, the internet continues to troll him.

So let’s take a look at 10 Donald Trump President Memes That Will Make You Go ROFL!

OMG! Tell me he didn’t just say that. WWE is not fake, it’s very real and genuine. WWE is as real as the movies and TV Shows.

They see me rollin, they hatin. He got a beautiful wife, he’s a billionaire, and he’s the freaking president of US. Hatters going to hate, but Trump doesn’t care.

Yeh nahi ho sakta! No, they are two different persons.

I am pretty sure the Muslims would disagree with Mr. Trump’s opinion. It surely won’t go well with the Muslim people. Take back your words Mr. Trump.

Hate, discrimination, building a giant wall, I am sure I’ve heard it before. Well…history is bound to repeat itself.

Oh Poor Melania, it has now become very clear that Trump is keeping her against her will. Don’t be scared Melania, just ask for help. We will free you from the evil.

Ding dong President Trump is wearing a thong! The president surely have some interesting fetishes.

People trying to enter United States under Trump’s regime in 2017 be like…Yeah, White man! You’re well to go!

Trump you’re okay, Obama you’re good, but you’re nothing like Narendra Modi. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of a kind.

It can’t get any more awkward than this. Michelle Obama be like “I should have stayed home!”

You must obey. Your destiny is to serve me. You will not resist. You will be my slave.

So guys what do you think about Donald Trump’s extreme measures against the Muslims? Do you think he can make America great again or will lead the nation to a darker future? Do feel free to share your views and opinions in the comments. And if you enjoyed the article then please share it with your friends.

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