10 Duplicates of Famous Historical Sites Around The World

Hey Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. Historical Sites of a nation are the uniqueness that they have. Each of them is popular for their own reasons and all of us have a keen desire to visit them. But is this possible for all?

Possibly no! Thus, people recreated the Historical Sites. Some of them look so accurate that will surely confuse you with the real and duplicate.

Below, we unveil the list of 10 such historical sites and their duplicate buildings that are created with absolute perfection.

10. Paris in Tianducheng – China

If the residents in China wish to visit Paris, they don’t need to spend those fat bucks on flight tickets and visa arrangements. Tianducheng is a place that is one-third of Paris’s actual area but the view is almost same.

10 Duplicates of Famous Historical Sites Around The World

9. London’s Tower Bridge – Suzhou, China

China is actually good at making replicas. If an English wish to see the similar environment at the place, he can surely try visiting London’s Tower Bridge.

8. Florence, Italy – Tianjin, China

This is a shopping center actually. If a Chinese wish to have a good Italian food and shop a similar way, Tianjin is the perfect place.

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7. The Giza Pyramids In 3D

This is an Egyptian 3-D world made at Boston. This includes a 3-D tour of major monuments of Giza. It took 6years to build this masterpiece.

6. The Greek Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee

This one is the most remarkable name on the list. This is actually a worth visit site in itself. It has the replicas of the world’s best historical sites. Though visiting there is a bit expensive but much less than the cost one would incur to visit the real sites.

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