10 Most Evil Medical Murderers In The History

FILE – In this September 1987 file photo, serial killer Donald Harvey stands before a judge during sentencing in Cincinnati. A spokeswoman for Ohio's prison system says Harvey was found badly beaten Tuesday, March 28, 2017, in his cell at the state's prison in Toledo, and the Ohio State Highway Patrol said Harvey was in critical condition Wednesday. Harvey became known as the "Angel of Death" and pleaded guilty in 1987 to 37 murders of hospital patients while working as a nurse's aide in Cincinnati and London, Kentucky, during the 1970s and '80s, claiming he was trying to end his patients' suffering. He is serving multiple life sentences as part of a plea deal that allowed him to avoid the death penalty. (AP Photo/Al Berhman, File)

Hey Folks! Welcome to Humor NationMedical Science has been growing since ages. Though it is the lifesaver history says there are many doctors who somehow turned murders.

This is a shocking fact though but this shows its hard to trust anyone over your life. This is a trouble, who would save when the savior turns the killer?

Today, we have brought a list of 10 such medical science specialists who turned out to be the murderers.

10. Michael Swango

Michael Swango always wanted to be a surgeon. He wasn’t the perfect fit for the post and got the job as an ambulance technician. But he still worked as a surgeon and killed many patients.

10 Evil Medical Murderers In The History

9. John Christie

He made a medical degree through an illegal process. Later, his job was to abort the prostitutes. Sooner he was lawfully declared a murderer.

8. John Bodkin Adams

Adams was a serial killer. He took over 100 lives. He used to take money from patients, killed them and invested the amount for cars and property.

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7. Thomas Neill Cream

Cream holds many criminal records on his name. He was a thief, a burglar, arsonist, and an illegal medical practitioner. He performed illegal abortions and heartlessly killed the immature feet.

6. Kermit Gosnell

Unlike the above-mentioned people, Kermit was a licensed legal medical practitioner. His prime job was abortion. Apart from this he also killed three babies who were born alive.

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