10 Evil Teachers And Their Scary Stories That Will Haunt You

Teachers are supposed to be a symbol of trust and authority however there have been countless incidents of teachers abusing.

Hey guys! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Teachers are supposed to be a symbol of trust and authority however there have been countless incidents of teachers abusing, manipulating and mistreating their students . So let’s take a look at the top ten evil school teachers and their scary stories.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Evil Teachers And Their Scary Stories That Will Haunt You!

10. Knocked Over A Special Needs Student

10 Evil Teachers And Their Scary Stories That Will Haunt You

Starting this chilling list at number with the teacher who viciously kicked over a special needs student. A teacher from Georgia resigned after surveillance footage shows her knocking over a special needs students to the floor with her leg. The video shows the teacher thrusting her knee into the little boy’s back causing him to fall for and near the classroom door. Thankfully the boy was not seriously injured.

9. Intimate Pictures With The Students

A teacher in India had a photo shoot with some of his students in very intimate poses. What makes this story even more horrific is that he posted these pictures onto his personal Facebook account without any fear of the law. I mean that is just so stupid. The pictures went viral on the Internet and the parents of the girls have since filed a lawsuit against him for child sexual abuse on a minor.

8. Bamboo Beating

The teacher who beat her students makes it into this list at number 8. A teacher who has been caught beating children with a bamboo stick in a classroom in China. Some students who were also asked to help her beat the children when she got too tired to strike them herself and she would actually yell at them, hit them harder! This is absolutely disgusting and this teacher should be immediately fired now.

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7. Beating With A Cane

At number 7, a teacher who is beating students with the cane until it breaks. This video of a headmaster of a convent school went viral. It shows the horrific moment when the headmaster was brutally hitting the students on their hands and fingers until the students fell over onto the floor. There have also been reports of students fainting in the school because of the beating.

6. Randi Zurenko

A 33-year old teacher by the name of a Randy Zarenko is being labeled as a predator after she was accused of committing more than 200 sexual offenses. The mother of five, molested two of her female students aged 16 and 17 years old after she seduced them with nude selfies. The teacher had sex with the students on multiple occasions and she had various pictures of the sexual acts on her phone.


5. Abused Special Needs Students

This teacher was filmed dragging a special needs student by her hair and she was also caught on camera apparently hitting the students around their head. Because of the shocking footage the teacher has been fired from her job and obviously stripped from her teaching license.

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4. Jason Meyers

A teacher who molested eight of his students. A Florida high school teacher sexually abused at least eight of his students throughout his 14-year career as a teacher. The father of three is being charged with sexual battery because of the disturbing details. He even purchased provocative clothes for his female students to wear to his class and he asked the girls to write a poem titled ‘Come Inside Me’. Thankfully he was arrested and Child Protective Services was called to investigate how he treated his own children.

3. Selling A Student

A teacher who is caught trying to sell a 13-year old girl to human organ traders comes in to this list at number three and what the heck! The 52-year old woman agreed to sell one of her students to organ traffickers who turned out to be an undercover police officer. She agree to sell a 13-year old girl for ten thousand dollars and she plan on using that money to pay off her debt. She even agreed to supply the buyers with pictures of the girl and also her medical records for an extra fee. So as soon as the students were stuffed inside of the potential buyers car, she demanded for the money which at that point she was arrested.

2. Terrible Punishment

A teacher is being accused of inserting a broken broomstick into a three year-olds private area. The school in Ghana is attempting to protect his teacher by covering this incident up. The mother of the little girl is also claiming that his teacher cut her little girl’s fingers and drank the blood. This is just so messed up and I’m so surprised that these accusations are being investigated as diligent as they should be.

1. Almost Killed A Student

Coming at number one, we have the teacher who almost killed. A Kenyan teachers brutally attacked a student by hitting him with the weapon and constantly hitting him on the head. The person was being restrained by some of the teachers while he was enduring this vicious beating because of the strong jabs to his head he could have potentially went into a coma or died due to brain injury.

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