10 Extreme Plastic Surgery Transformations


6. Pete Burns

Pete became nearly unrecognized before his death as he had several cheek implants, lip surgeries and rhinoplasty on his face. Before his death at the age of 57, he was not at all the person he used to be, he lost all his charm due to his foolish decision of undergoing a plastic surgery.

7. Kristina Rei

Kristina Rei wanted to have lips like Jessica Rabbit, the sexiest cartoon character we all know. She had spent many dollars on her lip surgeries and had 100 silicone injections put into her lips, which was extremely painful. She may not have got a look like Jessica Rabbit but has the record of world’s largest lip now.

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8. Valerie Lukyanova

Valerie Lukyanova is known as the living Barbie Doll after having many surgeries done to her complete body. She had her breasts enhanced, nose pointed, face rounded and smaller and also narrowed her waistline and more. But it’s creepy to see such a human resembling our childhood favorite doll.

9. Jordan Parke

Jordan Parke, a makeup artist was so obsessed by Kim Kardashian’s looks that he himself underwent so many surgeries to look like her. He said that Kim has a perfect face and body and so he tattooed his eyebrow and got his lips filled, but still couldn’t look like her and made himself a horrible looking man now.

10. Sahar Tabar

Sahar Tabar wanted to look like her favorite actress Angelina Jolie and underwent many surgeries starting from nose job to jawline to cheeks and even her lips and forehead. And now you can see the result, she just destroyed her own beautiful face. However, later it turned out that Sahar fooled everyone, it was just fake makeup to look like that.

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