10 Facts About Emraan Hashmi That Make Him A Good Man

Hey Readers! Welcome Back To Humor Nation. Emraan Hashmi is a known name in Bollywood. He has a list of good movies in his career. His songs are so touching that every heart connects to them. No matter how old the go, you’ll love them every time you come across the track.

Yet the sad part is, his talent is being ignored. Apart from being such a talented actor, he is always judged on the basis of his bold roles and is still known a serial kisser.

These are some facts about Emraan Hashmi, that proves he is a good man in real and is absolutely opposed to the reel image.

10. A Good Director

Emraan is a really good director. His works include Raaz (as an assistant director). The film had Bipasha Basu and Dino Morea. He enacted in the later releases.

10 Facts About Emraan Hashmi That Make Him A Good Man

9. Farhan Or Emraan?

He changed his name to Farhan Hashmi. But no sooner changed it to Emraan. Emraan means achievement and that perfect suits.

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8. A Warrior

Emraan is a loving dad. His kid Ayan had cancer. Emraan handled everything thing like a warrior and made sure the kid recovers soon.

7. Writer of Emotions

After Ayan successfully defeated cancer, his dad had a duty to praise his fighter spirit. To this, he wrote a book, that would probably help cancer patients to keep alive their hopes.

6. Not a Vulgar Kisser

Though he is known to be the serial kisser, Emraan isn’t the same in real. He says his best kiss was with Jacqueline as that was simple.

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