10 Famous Hollywood Stars Everybody Hates Working With

6. Edward Norton

He is best known for his depiction of the narrator in Fight Club. Edward Norton is among the most difficult actors to work with in Hollywood. He may look like a well polished actor with many accolades and awards in his arsenal, but behind the scenes he’s a totally different beast on set. He has been described as a control freak, insisting on directing nearly every film he stars in. Even in films where he isn’t the director he manages to get a script writing credit. This is why the Incredible Hulk director recast him for the 2012 Avengers.

7. Shia LaBeouf

He is best known for the Transformer movie saga. But when it comes to films, LaBeouf isn’t a piece of cake, his strange method acting techniques makes it harder to work with him. He has been notorious for stirring up fights with many people, most notably with Tom Hardy on the set of Lawless and with Alec Baldwin on the set of play ‘Orphans’.

8. Jennifer Lopez

She is a complete diva, she’s notorious for having a lot entry list of demands that must be met if she’s going to appear in any film. On top of that if she doesn’t get her way she’s known to throw temper tantrums. While staying at the super exclusive Dorchester Hotel in London JLo demanded her suite be fit for royalty, she allegedly insisted that roses behind delivered to her room as well as her favorite brand of candles, bake cookies and plane M&Ms. She’s also been known to insist on all white couches, candles and food on her tours. Jennifer Lopez is also known to gossip and badmouth other actresses saying that Cameron Diaz wasn’t living up to her potential and that when directed she can be good.

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9. Christian Bale

He is a perfectionist when it comes to acting, he is a very serious method actor, and he expects the same seriousness from people around him. Bale has often played the darker, serious characters, and in portraying such characters he gets lost deeply, in trying to transform himself. On the set of the film Terminator Salvation, a cinematographer distracted Christian Bale while he was rehearsing, Bale threatened and insulted the guy.

10. Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis managed to garner a reputation for being a little dicey in Hollywood to work with. Director Kevin Smith claimed that working with Bruce was soul-crushing apparently. While on set with Smith, he refused to take direction, basically taking control of his own performance without consulting Smith or other crew members. Bruce has been dropped from films for his overboard demands and reckless behavior.

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