10 Famous People Who Got Busted For Cheating

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. If you ever have been cheated on, then you must know how it feels to get betrayed. Celebrities may seem to be above all of it, but they are still humans and when these famous celebrities are caught cheating, it’s more devastating. Wanna know who topped the list?

So let’s check out 10 celebrities who were caught cheating on their partners

1. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez married Cris Judd in 2001. She had met Ben Affleck in the year 2003 on the set of film ‘Gigli’ and they started dating then. After her affair, she divorced Cris Judd in 2003.

2. Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum married Seal in the year 2005, there were talks that their marriage ended as Heidi was involved with her family bodyguard. After the finalization of divorce in 2012, Heidi admitted that she was seeing her family bodyguard but claimed that she never cheated her husband.

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3. Brad Pitt

There were rumors at that time that Brad Pitt was cheating on Jennifer Aniston with Angelina Jolie, this rumor was later confirmed also. Brad Pitt got involved with Angelina Jolie during the filming of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. He then divorced Jennifer in 2005 and began dating Angelina immediately.

4. Kristen Stewart

In 2012 Kristen Stewart was found cheating on her boyfriend Robert Pattinson with the director of the movie she was working in, Rupert Sanders, who was already married to someone.

5. Britney Spears

According to Britney’s ex-boyfriend named Jason Alexander, she was found cheating on Justin Timberlake. This is not only one time she cheated Justin, she was again accused of cheating Justin with a choreographer, Wade Robson.


6. Madonna

In 2008 Madonna was accused of cheating her husband Guy Ritchie with Alex Rodriguez. Madonna and A-Rod were frequently seen together and were also caught visiting each other’s apartments. Madonna and Ritchie then later divorced due to her affair.

7. Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson was caught cheating on her pregnant girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian. Many photos of Tristan Thompson were released kissing two girls at a party, things also got worse when a video was released by TMZ showing him kissing girls at the club.

8. Tiger Woods

In 2009 Tiger Woods was accused of cheating on his wife, Elin Nordegren with multiple women. When his affairs were revealed, Elin chased him out of the house and smashed down his car windows.

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9. Billy Bob Thornton

10 Famous People Who Got Busted For Cheating

Billy Bob was found cheating on his fiance Laura Dern and then he married Angelina Jolie. Laura said that her boyfriend married without saying her a word and she never saw him again.

10. John Edwards

John Edwards cheated his wife and had an affair with Rielle Hunter in the year 2006. He even fathered a child with that woman but denied this fact until 2010.

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