10 Famous People Who Treat Their Fans Like Trash

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. We all know that the life of all the celebrities aren’t easy and they lack some privacy in their life because of their fans and media. But treating your own fans like their some kind of trash isn’t cool at all and it degrades their respect. So today we’re going to talk about these celebs, so let’s start!

So here are those 10 celebrities who mostly treat their fans like trash!

10. Rihanna

10 Famous People Who Treat Their Fans Like Trash

Once some kids went to take autograph from Rihanna when she was in her makeup room, she just told her closet backup dancer to fake the autograph for her and then she just shooed them away like they were nothing. Very mean and rude of you Rihanna!

9. Christian Bale

Bale is even worse than Rihanna in such matters, when some girls went to ask for his autograph, he just made them cry and his anger issues will take him no where if he’ll keep on losing temper on his fans.

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8. Michael Jordan

He his known for his rude behavior among all and once when a rapper named Chamillionaire went to take a photo with him, he just refused him by saying that he doesn’t get clicked with N****’S.

7. Justin Bieber

Justin is famous for his tantrums, but he is also very rude and mean to his fans, once he had spit of his fans from his balcony because he was in a bad mood. And also he just destroys gifts given by his fans. Not a cool guy!

6. Rachael Ray

The audience who come to her show often leave by reporting that she is very rude and doesn’t know how to handle her stardom. She is often accused to be a bad customer by her waitstaff.

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