10 Fan Favorite Episodes Of Supernatural

I know it sucks to be kept waiting for the next season of your favorite show. And when a season of your favorite TV series ends, it’s pretty hard to move on. It’s easy to re-watch the favorite episodes of a TV series than to move on. Supernatural is no exception to this. Supernatural fans have their list of favorite episodes that they can watch again and again..and again, and never get bored. So today we will be looking at some of the most popular, fan favorite episodes of the show.

Please note that this list is not about the best Supernatural episodes of all time, it’s about those episodes that fans just love to watch again and again. So a lot of the emotional and best episodes will be absent from this list. So let’s get started and also the episodes in the list are arranged according to their air date.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Fan Favorite Episodes Of Supernatural That You Should Definitely Re-watch!

1. This episode introduced Gabriel as Trickster.

10 Fan Favorite Episodes Of Supernatural

2. Lauren Cohan makes her Supernatual debut as Bela in this episode.

3. Dean just keeps dying in this episode again and again..in so many different ways.

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4. Castiel’s first appearance and Dean Winchester returns from Hell.

5. Dean’s ‘Eye of the Tiger’ lip sync makes this episode a must watch.

6. One of the most funniest episodes of Supernatural.

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7. This is my favorite Supernatural episode of all time.

8. It’s hilarious to see Dean arguing with a pigeon.

9. This episode is dedicated to the Supernatural Fandom.

10. Such an amazing episode.

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