10 Fan Theories About The Vampire Diaries That Could’ve Changed The Show

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Vampire Diaries inspired many fans for many years and throughout the eight seasons this show was followed by some deeply dedicated fans. Sometimes these fans came up with such amazing theories that really could’ve been excellent for the show. So let’s know about them today.

So come take a look at these 10 fan theories about the show that could’ve completely changed it!

1. Elena was going to wake up from her deep sleep

There was a fan theory that stated Elena to wake up from her sleep during the final season and forgetting everything and not knowing a thing after meeting the Salvatores. That could have been intense and tragic too.

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2. Caroline and Damon together in season 5

This fan theory would have caused a lot of drama as last we saw them together during the first season and it did not turn out to be good. But maybe this time it would’ve been different and romantic.

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