10 Food Combinations That You Should Not Eat!

Find out why you should ditch your tomato and cucumber salad and explore some food combinations that can ruin your health.

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Get ready because you will not believe that some of the harmful effects these common food combinations can have on your health if you eat them in high amounts. Stay tuned to find out why you should ditch your tomato and cucumber salad and go with something healthier. Now let’s explore some food combinations that can ruin your health.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Food Combinations That You Should Not Eat!

10. Bananas And Milk

If you’re into fitness and love your morning smoothie bowls or a refreshing milkshake there’s a good chance you’ve had bananas and milk before. Bananas have tons of fiber and milk comes with a lot of calcium so it could possibly go wrong. The truth is although it’s one of the best breakfasts out there it’s really not that healthy for you when the two ingredients are combined. Health experts are starting to warn people of the effects the bananas and milk might have when combined together. Bananas and milk mixed together have been judged as heavy foods that might cause digestion problems and hinder your sleep pattern. It can also produce toxins that might cause a sinus congestion and make you more prone to having a cold, cough or even allergies.

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9. Wine And Dessert

Most of us love  to treat ourselves with a dessert and a glass of wine after a particularly tiring day. Wine and Dessert often don’t go together because the taste of one item can completely overpower or change the taste of the other. For example you can only pair certain types of wine with chocolate while wine and blue cheese should never be combined with. The main reason why this combination is completely awful for you in the first place is because desserts and wine both contain high elements of excess sugar that gets converted into fat and leads to weight gain when consumed regularly this could lead to serious heart problems and other health issues.

8. Tomatoes And Pasta

Have you ever noticed that tomato and cheese sauce combination on pasta makes you sleepy and tired. It’s the effect of the three ingredients combined as they definitely don’t work together. Tomatoes are considered to be acidic and when combined with starchy food like pasta they halt the production of the enzyme that’s needed to break down the heavy starch. This is why you often get tired and incredibly bloated after eating pasta with tomatoes and cheese  as your body needs a lot of energy to digest the food and in exchange it is fatigued and exhausted. When you add dairy into the mix you only enhance the potential digestion issues and only slow down the process and it’s not just pasta any starch has the same effect on the body when combined with tomatoes.

7. Black Tea And Milk

Adding in the milk to black tea could completely ruin those benefits. The chemicals found in milk can modify the biological activities in tea which as a result can decrease the actual health benefits of the drink. Molecular Biologists carried out a research on 16 women volunteers and measured the effects of drinking black tea with milk and plain hot water results showed that black tea promoted dilation of the blood vessels, but when milk was added to the test it completely stopped the dilation. The test has also been done on both cow and soy milk and the results were exactly the same. It was also noted that in this case taking tea with milk doesn’t even offer our calcium boost nor does it absorb milk proteins.

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6. Tuna With Mayonnaise

Since tuna comes with tons of protein along with digestive chemicals it can cause an unwanted reaction when mixed with fats like mayo which require a breakdown of liver and gallbladder salts. Large amounts of fat like mayonnaise can cause slow digestion when mixed with protein like tuna. Of course you can still eat them but you have to make sure you’re creating the right balance between the two ingredients that will not only benefit the taste but also your longterm health.


5. Fruits With Meals

The reason behind it is that fruit goes through the stomach fairly quickly, but it takes its time to digest in the intestines. And when you combine it with heavy foods that take much longer to go through the digestive system it will digest even slower. Since fruits come with high amounts of sugar it will bring counterproductive benefits to your health. Instead of combining fruit with your meals you should always eat at 30 to 60 minutes before a meal because this will allow it to prepare your digestive tract and help your stomach work its way through the amount of food you’ll be eating. The enzymes will activate the chemical process of digestion and allow you to feel less tired and less bloated after a heavy meal.

4. Grapefruit Or Limes With Cough  Medicine

It’s important to note that cough medicine should never be combined with fruits like grapefruit no matter how many health benefits it might have. Consuming grapefruit or limes with certain medicine can cause serious chemical imbalances that will stop the medicine from healing your body. These fruits come with high level of an enzyme that’s found in the gut and liver. This enzyme will deactivate some of the effects of the medicine, but increase unwanted higher concentrations of the drug which could lead to serious side effects. Side effects can include a heart block and an abnormally rapid heartbeat, the side effects of kidney damage have also been reported.

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3. Fruit And Flavored Yogurt

This combination might be completely unhealthy for people with digestion issues. We’ve previously talked about the counterproductive effects eating fruit can have on your body. Yogurt is usually considered healthy, but try to stay away from those with fruit at the bottom no matter how tempting they might be. You could actually be consuming too much sugar if you’re not choosing the right yogurt type with the right amount of fruit. Fruit with flavored yogurt can double or even triple the sugar content you’re eating especially if you’re consuming yogurt with a sweetener. It’s also reported that the coldness of the yogurt can also have an effect on your digestion, this can result in stomach pain and weight gain as it can take a long time for the sugar to process in your system.

2. Mac And Cheese

Before you indulge in another plate, you might want to check where your mac and cheese actually came from. It turns out that the combination of the ingredients when mixed with a powder you’d get in a box version of mac and cheese might not be as healthy as we think especially if you’re expecting a baby. A recent study of cheese products detected high levels of chemicals called ‘phthalates’ which can disrupt male hormones and are linked to birth defects when the meal is consumed by pregnant women. Although the presence of these phalates isn’t banned, the Food and Drug Administration did warn federal agencies to assess the potential health risks they might bring to those who are expecting a baby.

1. Tomato And Cucumbers

Tomato and Cucumber salad is a refreshing choice that’s often considered healthy, but is the combination actually beneficial for your health in the long term? We’ve already mentioned the acidity of tomatoes and the effect they might have when combined with pasta, but tomatoes also have the same effect on some of the vegetables you normally put in your salad. They come with an enzyme that usually destroys vitamin C especially when consumed in large portions and since cucumbers are full of vitamins, adding tomatoes to your salad can completely ruin the nutritional benefits you thought you were getting. The acid released in the abdomen can also cause numerous digestive problems and can be one of the main reasons behind irritable bowel syndrome also known as IBS.

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