10 Bizarre Laws Only Found in Netherlands!

Hey ya! people. welcome back to Humor Nation! Netherlands is one country, headed to progress. They have implemented some rules and laws that helped in the development of nation. From emphasizing the fact that bicycles should be made public transport to accepting gay marriages, Netherlands have only shown a positive activity. Some of the ruled may seem bizarre to visitors. Let’s find them out.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Bizarre Laws Only Found in Netherlands!

1. Regulated Fireworks

In Netherlands, buying fireworks is illegal except for 3 days before new year. Apart from that too, fireworks are only allowed from 6:00 p.m on 31st December to 2 a.m. on 1st January. After that is it again, illegal. So, if someone of you loves fireworks, do not look to go to Netherlands.

2. Odd Bicycle Laws

Netherlands is home to Amsterdam, which is the bicycle capital. In Amsterdam, you may find all kinds of bicycles. To ride bicycle, you only need to follow two laws. Not to wear helmet, but your bicycle should be fitted with a bell and a light. Without these significant equipment you won’t be able to ride bicycle in Netherlands. That is against law.

3. Emergency Drills

On every first Monday of the month, the alert alarms are tested. If you happen to visit Netherlands, at such time, then don’t piss off. The alarm testing lasts for 1 and 1/2 minute. All people sort of react normal during this period.

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4. Blame the Pedestrian

There is a bicycle lane on roads. If any pedestrian walking on that lane happens to get hit by a crazy cyclist, than government doesn’t hold the cyclist guilt. Instead, they blame the pedestrian. The pedestrian is solely responsible.

5. Marriage Regulations

This is really weird.This law is basically an emergence of Dutch laws. It says: if you are in Netherlands or planning a marriage in Netherlands, you partner must be Dutch. Otherwise, you cannot marry in Netherlands.


6. House Sharing: Illegal

In Netherlands, it is illegal for three single people to share a common house. Now this may hurt the feelings of people, who are planning to stay in Netherlands for their studies, with their buddies.

7. 18+ and Coffee Shops

There are two weird laws here. Now, juniors may get uneasy with this. In Netherlands, because it is legal to smoke in coffee shops, it is made illegal for people below 18, to enter in one. Sorry kids no coffee shop treats.

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8. Preventing Trees from Sinking

As there are houses built on Amsterdam canal, they used to get sink. To prevent this government passed a law to embed wooden tiles along with trees near the houses. This helps in preventing the sinking. Although, the wooden tiles, are now replaced by the concrete one.

9. Extremely Supportive Tenant Laws

According to Amsterdam’s Dutch laws, a landlord cannot kick out a tenant, out of the house,just because they can’t come to an agreement. Only court have the rights to do so. This law seems to be biased for tenants, as landlord cannot kick out the irritating tenant.

10. Pregnancy and Canals

In Amsterdam, it is illegal to urinate in canals. Yep, that makes sense. But, there is another aspect where a pregnant woman is given rights to use the canal to relieve herself. It is by far, the most strangest and craziest law in list.

10 Bizarre Laws Only Found in Netherlands!

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