10 Weird Laws Only Found In Japan Schools!

Hello people. Welcome back to Humor Nation. We have been enthralled throughout this extravagant journey of providing hilarious reads to your minds. We are grateful for your support and admiration. So, what exactly your minds portray when you hear the word ‘school’. The golden days, friends, and other sort of fun things. However, we don’t think of rules, but certainly Japanese kids reminiscence about the freakish weird rules they experienced in the Japan Schools. This is what we have bought today.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Weird Laws Only Found In Japan Schools!

1. Sweater

Japanese school, just like other schools of the world allow their students too wear sweater over uniforms. But, these sweaters could be only of black, tan or navy blue color. Also, most of the Japanese schools don’t want their students to wear that sweater in public as they would look sloppy.

2. The Under Covered Garments

In some schools, students have admitted that they get their tighties checked. They govern the underwears. In Japan schools, the color of underwear must be of white or cream color and not any other color. It’s weird, the length of skirts, ties, and other aspects even look good, but this one- it’s gross.

10 Weird Laws Only Found In Japan Schools!

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3. Cleaning Up

When we were in schools, we had the responsibility of cleaning the school to janitors. But, in Japan they are students who are made to clean up the schools. Authorities says, it teaches them the values of cleanliness.

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