10 Genetically Modified Animals To Help Science In Experimentation

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. In some countries, the scientists are busy creating some genetically modified animals and debates about them are going on around the world. These animals are not meant for consumption and some feel that experimenting and creating animals are unethical. So let’s know about these creations more.

So here are some genetically modified animals that are not intended for consumption!

10. Egg that beats cancer

10 Genetically Modified Animals To Help Science In Experimentation

Some Japanese scientists together created a genetically modified chicken that lays an egg which is golden in color. The main purpose of that egg is to beat cancer, sclerosis, and hepatitis.

9. Ants to understand “Ants”

Some scientists created genetically modified ants and the main purpose to create them was to understand the social behavior of other ants.

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8. Extra muscular dog

Chinese scientists created this extra muscular dogs so that it could be used by military or police or be used as a hunting partner. These dogs are faster, stronger and very muscular.

7. Mosquitoes to kill “Mosquitoes”

Scientists have created some male mosquitoes that pass a special gene which kills the larva inside the female mosquito and this limits the growth of mosquitoes eventually.

6. Glow in the dark cat

Scientists have created this cat to end AIDS between humans and still lots of research is going on this animals and the disease.

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