10 Heart Wrenching Tragedies Captured On Live TV!

Unfortunately, on this list, there are 10 moments that captured tragedies that will wrench your heart. Check this out.

Live TV can be very unpredictable and in some circumstances, situations can arise that are unplanned and completely random. Unfortunately, on this list, there are 10 moments that captured tragedies that will wrench your heart.

Take A Look At 10 Heart Wrenching Tragedies Captured On Live TV

1. M.N Vijayan

He died from a cardiac arrest during a live conference but his death sparked a lot of controversies. Some people believe that the massive heart attack was initially brought off by forcing him to climb the stairs to the second floor. The conference organizers didn’t take him to the nearest hospital. This is disgusting!

2. Comedian Tommy Cooper Onstage Death

On April 15th in 1984, millions of people witnessed the comedian Tommy Cooper suffer a fatal heart attack on stage in the live show. When he collapsed, the audience was clapping because they thought that this was a whole part of his act. Once they realized that what’s happening right now is real, there were several attempts to revive him but nothing worked. This was one of the most disheartening tragedies ever witnessed.

3. Christa McAuliffe

We’re talking about NASA shuttle explosion where Christa McAuliffe was selected as NASA’s teacher in space project to become the first civilian sense of space. Unfortunately, on January 28th in 1986, the shuttle blasted off at within 73 seconds after takeoff and resulted in the death of Christa and the six other crew members.

Many school children watched this horrific accident on live television. Great hype was created due to sending a non-professional astronaut into space.

4. Facebook Live Shooting

A 28-year-old man was fatally shot when he was streaming live on Facebook. He was seen drinking with his friend on a sidewalk when all of a sudden you can hear gunshots and screams. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene following the shooting. Facebook refused to take this video down because technically it didn’t violate their community standards.

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5. Deadly Protest

Daniel Jones discovered that he had cancer and was HIV-positive back in 1998. He believed that he was not treated properly by his health insurance provider. So on live TV, he parked his truck on a busy highway, set it on fire and then shot himself as a form of protest. As the event played out, seven news helicopters hovered above showing the entire incident live. Tragedies like these are really unfortunate for the mankind.

6. Jordan Romero Suicide

Jordan Romero shot himself in the head on live television after he led police on an hour-long high-speed car chase back in 2012. Fox News was covering the police chase using their live helicopter cameras. They captured Jordan taking his own life. Before the network can cut to commercial, he had already pulled the trigger and shot himself in the head.

7. Christine Chubbuck

She was a TV reporter and was battling with depression for quite some time. She decided to end her life on the live TV. She took up a pistol and shot herself in the back of the head and died instantly.

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8. Lee Harvey Oswald

We’re talking about the first murder on live TV. Back on 24th November 1963, in the basement of a Dallas police station, Lee Harvey Oswald who was the alleged assassin of John F Kennedy, was shot to death live on NBC. He was on his way to a more secure jail and reporters there recovering the situation with live television cameras. When a club owner fatally shot Lee Harvey Oswald claiming that he was so enraged that he murdered the president.

9. Vester Lee Flanagan

Back in August of 2015, a man was fired from his job and he decided to take a revenge against the news station by murdering two of his former co-workers on live television. He then proceeded to post the disturbing footage on Twitter and Facebook along with his commentary. He fatally shot a 24-year old reporter and her camera operator. Five hours after that brutal incident, he committed suicide.

10. 9/11 Incident

This is a really crazy list for we’re talking about 9/11. The events that unfolded on 9/11 drastically changed the world forever. Most of the terrorist attacks are broadcasted on live TV with uninterrupted coverage from the moment that the first plane crash. Coverage of this tragedy lasted 90 continuous hours with the many networks not returning to the regular program until the following week. I mean that was the biggest news ever.

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