10 Highest Grossing Horror Movies In India Of All Time

Welcome to Humor Nation. Horror movies are usually low budgeted projects which can get you quite a good profit even with the niche audience. But there are some horror movies which go beyond the niche audience and smash the box-office records by attracting a wide variety of audiences. Today we are counting down the highest-grossing horror films in India which took the Indian audiences by storm.

10. Aranmanai 2 – 39 Crores

10 Highest Grossing Horror Movies In India 2019

Aranmanai 2 is the 2016 Tamil horror movie which is a sequel to Aranmanai which was directed by Sundar C. Although it is not the best Tamil film in the horror genre, it had all the ingredients which impressed the audience such as glamor, drama, jumpscares, and comedy.

9. Ezra – 50 Crores

It is the 2017 Malayalam language Supernatural horror movie. The film stars Prithviraj and Sukumaran and has been directed and written by Jay K. It was the highest-grossing Malayalam film of 2017 as it managed to cross 50 crores.

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8. Odiyan – 54 Crores

The film stars Mohanlal in the lead role along with Prakash Raj. The 2018 released film tells the dreaded story of the Odiyan Clan which according to Kerala folklore are men who possess shapeshifting abilities.

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