10 Highly Expensive TV Shows That Flopped Very Badly

6. Kahani Humare Mahabharat Ki

This show was produced by Ekta Kapoor and had a star like Sakshi Tanwar in it. The budget of this show was pretty high but it flopped before even completing 100 episodes.

7. Prithvi Vallabh

This show had high expectations and also marked the comeback of two TV stars, Sonakshi Bhadoria, and Aashish Sharma. This show was aired on weekends but still, no one felt interested to watch this show and it failed eventually.

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8. Warrior High

Warrior High was one of the most expensive youth show and despite having a good star cast, this serial failed badly and had to go off the air.

9. Aarambh

This show was pretty hyped as it was written by Baahubali’s writers. But this show just disappointed its audience and sank down with all the money of the makers and producers.

10. Porus

This show was aired on Sony TV and this serial also started off really well, but then suddenly it flipped and its TRP ratings failed and then it had to go off the air.

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