10 Hilarious Text Convos From Sarcasm Gurus!

Best of sarcasm
Sarcasm at its best.

Sarcasm is one of the best things when it comes to dealing with bullshit. People Often try to react over smart and it’s important to react sarcastically. By doing so, they immediately stop saying anything useless after realizing that they are being trolled. Being sarcastic is a weapon that not only a few people have and the timing of using it is also very important. Today, we’ll be looking at some text convos that are filled with extreme sarcastic fragrance.

Let’s Take A Look At 10 Hilarious Text Convos From Sarcasm Gurus!

1. Haha! Smart cat.

2. That’s harsh.

3. Emoji convo.

4. Solid insult.

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5. Wait! What?

6. Good idea!

7. Honest guy.

8. Oh!

9. You’ve lost it mate.

10. Dark humor.

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