10 Hilarious Things That Always Happen During The Exam!

Exam Time

This is the time when even the non-adherents would appeal to the god to pass the exams. Everbody would make some ties with the god. It’s the exam time, even the Ind-Pak cricket weight is nothing contrasted with the exam weight. The day of the exam, a day when the ultimate destiny of the students relies upon their game plan and their sitting position in the exam hall, not on the exam paper. This is the time when these students express their creativity and innovativeness in the best of potentials on their answer sheet. An exam can be extreme or simple, topped off with many tense minutes, and numerous vital comical episodes that always happen.

So how about investigating the 10 Things That Always Happen In An Exam Hall?

1. Where is my brain?

And IT’S TIME! The minute for which these students studied day and night and worked off their rear ends (you know what I mean). In any case, when the exam time comes, what precisely is going in the brain of a student?

2. The Ultimate Knowledge Is In Knowing That You Know Nothing.

What do you do when you cross paths with a tough, difficult problem in your question paper that you don’t know how to comprehend or come up with a solution for? You just do it anyway. You don’t wanna let others realize that you don’t have a clue about the answer. So you wave your fingers noticeable all around like you’re some music conductor, putting on a show to pretend like you’re figuring out a solution for the problem.

3. Five Stages Through Which A Student Goes.

The five phases of the exam is the emotion filled phases or stages that one encounters when confronted with an exam paper that ensures his definite failure or disappointment in the examination.

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4. That one person!

While the vast majority of us reach to our classroom 15 minutes sooner before the exam begins, and leave the classroom after the exam conclusion bell has rung. But there’s an exemption to this, that one person who for some reason always walks late in the exam hall and leaves before everybody else out of the exam hall.

5. When somebody requests the additional sheet!

Einstein said that time is in respect to the spectator, it means that time is relative to the person who is experiencing it. So for some people in the exam hall a moment seems like forever, while for some time is like sand which is slipping through their hands. We generally have somebody who’s writing in his answer sheet at a speed higher than that of Rajdhani Express. Left to right, through and through, filling the pages, filling the sheet. Saale sheet mein kya Ramayan ya Mahabharat likta hai kya?

6. It’s Now Or Never! The Exam Is Almost Over And You Suddenly Remember Everything.

You spend the 175 minutes of your exam in endeavoring to recollect the appropriate answers for the given questions. But suddenly in the last 5 minutes you all of a sudden remember everything, you start writing faster than you can possibly think.

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7. You Were My Homie! I Believed You…

When it seems like you’re stuck, you attempt to approach your homie, your brother for help, yet he overlooks you consistently. What’s more, a simple, straightforward demand from any girl would make him put his answer sheet on the show. Saale ladki ke chakkar mein apne bhai ko bhul gaya.

8. That Fake Promise!

You know the guarantee, the fake promise that everybody makes that they’ll disclose their answer sheet to you once they’re done with their exam. What’s more, when they are done, they simply abandon you like an ex.

9. Those Two Kinds Of Students.

There are students who keep all their exam stuff, stationary prepared a day prior. And then there are individuals who are great at asking stuff. All they require is a pen and they’re ready to face any exam.

10. Everybody Has Their Gifts.

A few people are great at understanding stuff, some are amazing at mugging up all the answers, while some are the masters of cheating. And what’s more important is that cheating from others’s copy is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a lot of risk and hard work. Nothing is simple, not even cheating.

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