10 Hollywood Movies That Are Copied From Asian Cinema

Hey ya readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. We always say that movies are stolen or copied, but some movies seriously inspire other directors to sequel them. There have been many movies in Bollywood that are inspired from Hollywood movies. For the fact, Hollywood also have made some movies that are taken from Asian Cinema. Hollywood dramatized some Asian movies into its best remakes, and earned millions.

On account of fact, some Hollywood movies are an actual remake of Asian movies. In story, nothing is altered. These are also some movies which won several national and international awards. These are some movies that made their mark in cine world.

So, let us know look into those 10 movies that are copied from Asian Cinema!

1. Oldboy

Directed by Park Chan Wook, in 2003 this movie was a second installment of ‘The Vigilance Trilogy’. This was a story of man, who was imprisoned in a cell for 15 years. He was unaware of the true identity of his captors and his motive. Bollywood tried to copy the movie, released it as ‘Zinda’. This remake of Bollywood was not sanctioned and was a failure. An American director Spike Lee tried a remade, which was not even decent. This Hollywood remake was a box-office disaster. This was even called as Lee’s worst directed film.

2. Ring

The Ring was directed by Hideo Nakata, it’s a psychological horror film which is based upon the famous Japanese urban legend of Banchō Sarayashiki. The film also inspired the American remake of the same name. There were certain changes made in the movie like- character names, few plots and other elements. ‘The Ring’ was followed by a sequel which was a hit. This movies stands in top 12 horror movies of all the time. This was declared by “The Guardian”.

3.The Departed/Internal Affairs

‘The Departed’, this movies is a remake of Hong-Kong movie ‘Internal Affairs’.  This crime thriller  movie was a blockbuster in America. This movie had Leonardo Dicaprio, Matt Damon, and Jack Nicholson. This movie has also won four Oscars at 79th Academy Awards.

4. The Grudge

‘The Grudge(2004)’ was  a remake of Japanese movie ‘Ju-On: The Grudge(2002)’. This movies was released in 2004. This was an American supernatural horror film. This movies earned millions and did a great business. This movie is ranked at second position in terms of the scariest movies of all the time.

5. Pulse

A Japanese movie in 2001 named ‘Kairo-Pulse‘, inspired Hollywood to create a movie ‘Pulse‘ in 2006. This movie is a story of ghosts and spirits invading the life via internet. Critics played their role by saying it is a copy of successful Japanese movie. Apart from all these comments, this movie did well at box -office.

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6. Dark Water

This horror movies was made in Japanese cinema in 2002, it is then again made in 2005 by American cinema by with the same name ‘The Dark Water’. he story follows a divorced mother who moves into a run-down apartment building with her daughter. There they experience supernatural occurrences, they are soon haunted by the ghost of the former resident of the apartment. This movie did an average performance.

7. My Sassy Girl

This was a hit Korean movie in 2007. This movie performed extremely well in South Korea, and was extremely earning comedy movie in Korea. This movie had many remakes because of its success. Bollywood, Nepal, and China spawned their remakes too, but Hollywood remake in 2008 was more successful.

8. Shutter

This movie was build on a plot where a young photographer hits a young lady by his car. Later, he discovers that all his photos have shadows. This movie was a Thai hit. A remake is made by America which was not much liked by people. Although, this movie did extremely well at Box -office and earned nearly 6 times its budget.

9. The Eye

This movie was a story of a girl who had her eye transplant. After, this transplantation the girl is able to see the spirits and ghosts.It was again brought up y Hollywood with actress Jessica Alba. This movie is made again by Bollywood and names it ‘Naina-The eye(2008)This movie could not manage to create the exceptional aura as done by Hollywood movie.

10. The Tale Of Two Sisters/ The Uninvited

A Tale of Two sisters is a 2003 South Korean psychological horror drama which is based on the folktale “Janghwa Hongryeon jeon”. The story is about two sisters, who after returning home from an asylum, start experiencing disturbing events involving them and their stepmom. The American remake did not receive good reviews, however it performed well at the box-office.

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