10 Homeless People Who Became Rich And Famous

Hey Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. “Homeless” – this has a story in itself. Being homeless is the curse everyone wishes to avoid. But tough times are the same for all. Some homeless people had a great talent within that brought them all the way to being a billionaire.

Following are the names who were once homeless and now are a good name in the bank’s customer list.

10. Daniel Craig 

The most famous British actor had a hard struggle time. He slept on the park benches and survived on cheap foods. Now he has made good money and fame in the Industry.

10 Homeless People Who Became Rich And Famous

9. Halle Berry

The first African- American Women to win Oscar. Her initial times were quite tough. She lived in the homeless rentals before she established herself in the industry.

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8. Kelly Clarkson

Kelly lost her house in a fire accident. She wasn’t a known name in the industry back then. The moment was so tough that she had to stay in her car for quite a while.

7. Jim Carrey

The comedian had a week family background. His father had to resign from his job and the family went into crises. No later, Carrey came up to be the world’s most popular comedian.

6. Jennifer Lopez

Probably, Jennifer would never wish to live her teenage life again. She was extremely poor at her pre-stardom days. Though her talent did fetch her good money and fame.

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