10 Homeless People Who Became Rich And Famous

5. Taylor Perry

Perry might never have imagined about this life back in his old days. He was so week financially that arranging an accommodation was a task. But talent and luck got him well through his tough times.

4. Dr. Phill

Phill is the human body to “hope”. At his teenage, he was separated from his family. He and his dad lived in a car parking and survived without electricity.

3. Jewel

Jewel was fired from her job as she refused to provide sexual favors to her boss. She lived in her car and used to sing at bars. But her melodious voice surely changed her stars.

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2. William Shatner

Here comes the captain Kerk. Before his talent hit the big screen, he had a tough time. He sacrificed a lot due to financial crises.

1. Opera Winfrey

She is a lady to admire. Her life story isn’t a hidden tale. She made it quite good from nothing to billions.

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