10 Horrifying Facts About Genghis Khan ‘The Cruelest Man Ever Lived’

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Whenever people are asked to think about the most brutal or heartless leader of all time, they name leaders like Joseph Stalin or Hitler. But little does anyone know that before the cruel leaders came Genghis Khan, the Mongolian leader who was very brutal and changed the world according to himself. So today we’re going to talk about him, so let’s start.

So here are 10 facts that prove how horrifying and brutal nature Genghis Khan had!

10. Genghis Khan had once poured molten silver into the eyes and ears of an enemy leader, it was just his way to make someone surrender and he did this just out of hatred for that leader.

10 Horrifying Facts About Genghis Khan

9. The Mongols had a rule to not shed the noble blood and followed this but they used other methods like strangling them to death. In this way, no blood was shed.

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8. Genghis Khan was very famous for the brutality and did not even spare his family, he had killed his half-brother as a child with his bows and that too over a hunting dispute.

7. In history, Joseph Stalin had the highest death toll with 20 million people, but in reality, Genghis Khan had killed around 40 million people and still wanted to kill more.

6. Genghis Khan had turned a very dangerous enemy archer named Jebe his useful long-term ally and kept him as his top commander rather than killing him.

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