10 Horrifying Facts About Genghis Khan ‘The Cruelest Man Ever Lived’

5. Genghis Khan was merciless but some of his Mongol leaders were equally insane and used to boil and burn down the captured generals alive.

4. Genghis Khan hated people of other religion and used to humiliate them a lot and also enslaved them for a long time.

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3. Genghis left humanity far behind his soul when he started to command his men to use the captured enemies as their body shield during the war Combat.

2. It is said that when he was busy killing people in a city in a large population, he said to all while killing that he was sent by God to punish them.

1. The slaughter of people in Urgench by Genghis Khan is said to be one of the most brutal massacres by him in the history.

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